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 How To Recover a Wet Cell Phone

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PostSubject: How To Recover a Wet Cell Phone   How To Recover a Wet Cell Phone Icon_minitimeMon Oct 06, 2008 2:55 am

Recently my cell phone got some affinity for water. Very Happy My friend dropped it into a water tank. And the most good thing he did was he switched off the phone and turned it on again.Very Happy The circuit got shorted inside. Very Happy Very Happy [but now i have repaired it.] I thought this will be useful for many members.

How To Recover a Wet Cell Phone

1. DON'T PRESS THE POWER ON BUTTON! REMOVE THE BATTERY! When your hands are wet, would you touch the mains socket and press the ON switch? Same applies to the wet phone. Once you turn on the power to the wet phone, the electric current from the battery will "kill" the electronics of the phone.

2. Remove the SIM card and the memory card. Both your SIM card and Memory cards have electronic circuits too; that is why it is advisable to remove them.

3. Dry the memory card and SIM card with a tissue.

4. Dry the exterior of the phone.

5. Bring the wet phone to the Service Center IMMEDIATELY! The service center will disassemble the phone and clean it for you.

6. Note that liquid-damaged phones are out of warranty. Some manufacturers will do a last time repair for you free-of-charge, but warranty is void. If you had followed my instructions as mentioned above right after the cell phone gets wet, the chances of reviving your phone are high. However, there is no guarantee that the phone will be back to full working conditions again.

7. Buying a new phone will get you a full 1 year warranty and a fully working phone. You might also be able to buy a cell phone without a new plan, though that will be more expensive. If you find that your phone works abnormally after the repair, it means that the phone has already been "injured" from the liquid damaged. Consider buying another new phone because it will be too costly to get the phone repaired.

8. Last but not least, prevention is always better than cure. Here are some tips to prevent your phone from getting wet:
* Don't use your phone in the rain.
* Do not place your phone near any liquids.
* Never put your phone in your breast pocket; bending from the waist will cause the phone to drop (who knows where? maybe in the toilet bowl).
* If it's raining, shelter your phone from the rain.



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How To Recover a Wet Cell Phone
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